Plan your work, & Work your plan

I have to admit that I NEVER stick to a schedule when working from home.  No matter how many times I come up with a daily or weekly schedule or to do list, I never follow it.  I may follow it for a few days, but that is usually about it.  This mistake has been very costly when it comes to building my business.

I think that most of us have this problem.  When we work for someone else, we have no problem sticking to the schedule that they plan for us.  I work in the medical records department at my local hospital, and I have daily tasks that I complete with now problem.  However, when it come to working on my own goals I don’t have the same consistency.  It’s like I’m more willing to work harder for a set amount of pay that someone else assigns to me than I am for an unlimited income that I could set for myself. 

I have decided to change this.  I have set a brand new schedule.  I put  it in writing and have been sticking to it.  And guess what…. I have been getting  more website visitors than I ever have.  This is what happens with consitency and sticking to a plan.  Something so simple has changed my life so much.

I have always had goals.  Now I have attached a plan of action to my goals and have been sticking to it.  I must say that it was one of the best decisions I could have ever made.

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